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Monday, 4 June 2018

five things you should know this week

Hi Everyone,
Let's talk about sleep for a minute.
Between a busy work schedule and the struggle to balance it with the rest of what we call life, it's natural to fall into the habit of not getting enough sleep. And if you carry on that way long enough, sleep deprivation could trigger insomnia, which is a pretty big deal for those who know what it's like to count sheep, goats and other farm animals all night.
Worse still, and this is a sermon you've probably heard before, lack of sleep is the mother of crankiness, exhaustion and a bunch of other #moods that will limit your productivity and mess up your mental health.
Now, the good news.
If your sleeplessness isn't a choice, you should find some relief from your insomnia in this mix of remedies ranging from the medicinal to the unconventional. So, sweet dreams tonight, maybe? We hope so.
Here's the rest of what's good to know this week:

1. Keeping Up With The Royals
While Harry and Meghan's takeover of the news cycle and social media timelines with their star-studded media spectacle wedding may have ended, there are still a few juicy bits worth digging into.
Begin with the business of royal weddings, catch up on the non-royal wedding guests' outfits, see sketches of Meghan's wedding dress and revisit the wedding sermon heard around the world.

2. Recommendations
Management books for starter bosses, what to do when you forget someone's name, the best new hotels in the world, how to deal with a diverted flight and principles for success from a hedge fund billionaire..

3. Spaces
FINCAD is offering a $10,000 scholarship to women enrolled in a post-graduate finance program. Details are here.
Unilever is looking for young entrepreneurs working on solutions to social and environmental challenges. There's a spot in a UK-based accelerator program and up to 50,000 euros at stake. Apply before June 30.
The NextGen Competition could take your business global. Get the gist.

4. Apps Of Note
Siempo (Android) was designed to help you reduce smartphone distraction (so you can do important things with your life).
Kiss My Score (Android, iOS) could very well be the perfect World Cup companion app, and it's not just for football fans.
Thanks to a recent overhaul, there's almost no excuse not to make Google News (Android, iOS)  your primary source for the stories that matter.

5. Crumbs
Created for London but painting a very graphic global picture, this video explains gender inequality in the workplace perfectly. (Meaning that after this, everyone should get it.)
How Nike made a shoe that laces itself. (Or how Nike took away the only exercise some people get.)
Learn the African dance moves in the This Is America music video from Sherrie Silver, the video's Rwandan choreographer. (This is America but the dancing is borrowed.)
Do well this week, okay? Make the hours count.

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