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Monday, 2 April 2018

Finally, TSTV Sassy Decoder Now Available For Pickup In All States In Nigeria

When we all think that TSTv will disappoint Nigerians again with their April's 1st date, they have surprised us and people are already picking up their Sassy decoders.

TSTV Sassy decoder that was scheduled to go on Sale on the 1st of April has already begun.

People thought that it was just an April fool's joke as they have disappointed Nigerians so many times.

TStv Sassy decoder is now available in all states in Nigeria and people are already buying theirs at the sum of N3,500 (with the complete package).

You can contact the dealer available in your state of residence for the pickup.

Currently, people in Owerri, Lagos and Abuja has already gotten theirs at the sum of N3,500.

The decoder has PVR function, Pause subscription, and contains upto 70+ channels.

Those of you that has been enjoying the free to air channels from TSTV, it might be cancelled as the decoder is now available for pick up.

For now, we have no idea when Dexterity decoder will be available.

If you have gotten yours or know anyone that has gotten theirs, kindly let us know in the comment box below.


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