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Monday, 19 February 2018

How to rank youtube video in 2 days for competitive keywords (method)

Sometimes when i search on youtube for some high competitive keyword such as "Make money online" and such these kind of keywords i found some videos that has a big number of views and the video age is 8 to 12 month or more and that is normal. 
But some people rank their videos for high competitive keyword and they got their videos on the first search results of youtube and the upload time is only 5 to 7 hours or less! I mean only 5 to 7 hours ago for these videos!

 Can really someone rank a video for a high competitive keyword and gets on the first page in less than 5 or 7 hours after publishing?

Yes. With one sneaky method i know you can rank your video very fast even for competitive keywords. But in high competitive niches your video will stay on the first page for 1-2 days and will drop to 2-3th page. In medium and eesy niches your video will stay on the 1 page for months or even years. So here is step by step guide:

  1. First ofcourse you have to create your video it's obvious
  2. Now go to youtube and upload your video. But there is most important step, don't choose public when upload, choose unlisted instead: 
  3. Add your keyword in title and in the first line of description, add tags with your keyword. write unique description, minimum 300 characters. Now you have your video published in unlisted mode.
  4. It's time to pump up high retention views, likes and comments. Where to get high retention views? I have tested many sellers (smm panels) but 90% of them provide crappy retention not longer than 1 minute. Only one service provides good retention: YTbot. When i submited 3:40s minute video i got 3:04s average watch time. This is enough retention to rank your video. To look naturally for youtube algorithm you need likes and comments too. Likes and views are provided by YTbot (1000 high retention views cost is $1,7 like cost is $0,01).
    For comments i use Seoclerks. You can find sellers that sell 35 custom comments for $1. You write your comments and send to them and they will comment your video using them. Try to include your keywords in comments too. When you buy views follow one rule, if you want your video to stay on the first page for longer than 2 days: if most videos from first page have for example 10k views you have to buy 3 times more views - so you need 30k views. 
  5. Keep your video unlisted for 36-48 hours, pump up views, likes, comments and after this time set your video to public. It will hit first page in 2-8 hours depends on niche.
That's all, method is very simple and can bring you a lot of traffic and money.

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