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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Five things to know this blogging week

Let's start the week with a reminder.

Most of us are chasing our dreams, pursuing big and little goals. And while there's nothing wrong with chasing dreams, it sometimes blinds us to the good things we may already have: life, good health, family, a roof over our heads, even clean water to drink.

Today is the kind of day to pause and be grateful for the things we've gotten used to, all the little blessings and familiar comforts. Take a break from asking for more and appreciate what you already have. It'll open your eyes.

Here are five other things that deserve your attention:
  1. The Rewards Of Letting Go
  2. If you had a thousand naira for every time someone pissed you off, you'd probably be rolling in money. But since no one will pay you, you can pay yourself by letting go. This is what you gain when you choose forgiveness over revenge.

  3. Operation Feed The World
  4. Large populations around the world are either starving or at risk of starvation and The United Nations World Food Program is seriously looking for startups that can help end this hunger crisis. Applications go here. (If you won't do it for humanity, do it for the $100,000 at stake.)

  5. Plan To Spend
  6. Going broke before the end of every month is not a 'normal' way to live. People fall into the broke cycle when they don't plan their spending and it keeps them from having any money to spare or save. Learn how to avoid the trap.

  7. The Sound Of Beef
  8. This week's soundtrack is League Of My Own II, the potent new album from UK rapper Chip. Rap heads and less-fanatical listeners can follow their ears to Deezer or Apple Music.

  9. Bottom Of The Pot
  10. This is easily the slickest YouTube to mp3 converter we've ever seen. (Use it responsibly.)

    Lagos is the setting for a story in the upcoming Marvel Venomverse comic anthology and acclaimed Nigerian science fiction author Nnedi Okorafor is in charge. (National pride boosted.)

    (Like you weren't distracted enough already,) Facebook is bringing shows to your news feed. (You can kiss the shred of productivity you had left goodbye.)
All the best!

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