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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Eight steps on How to Improve your site

One of the most important things that blogger considers most important is setting up their blog and posting quality content daily like 1 - 3 posts why for entertainment like 5 - 20post daily. It good to fill your blog/site with fresh information.

Even at that there are some facts to put to heart. I have measure out some important fact to carry on with.

  • Avoid using heavy loaded HTML codes, flash, plugins (For those using wordpress platform) and animated banners/adverts. This slows down the speed, at which your blog/site loads.

  • Submit quality links (back-links to and fro your blog) and also to directories site. Using keywords links help to keep visitors on your blog.

  •  When using Images, it should portray what the topic is all about.

  • Update post when there is nee to.

  •  Add site map to your blog/site
  • Keep your blog active and up to date
  • Check your post before publish, avoid just posting review your post several times before publishing.
  •  Test run links, affiliate links and keep all links up to date.

With this update, i know you will be a better Blogger. So then have a lovely day, feel free to drop your comments.

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