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Thursday, 27 September 2018

How to buy Bitcoin in 7 steps

Disclaimer: This is an educational tutorial to understand Bitcoin, not investment advice.
buying bitcoin tutorial
In 2013 I set out to buy one whole Bitcoin for £200. But it never actually happened.
The closer I got to buying, the more confused and worried about the whole thing I got. So I gave up.
I wasn't to know, but if I'd persevered, that Bitcoin would now be worth over £6,000.
With the ongoing surge in interest and media coverage, the conversation gets louder and louder, and so much harder to ignore.
bitcoin charts
Bitcoin could have huge implications for everyone's future. I felt it was time to try again. Not to make money, but to understand what the hell all the fuss was about.
The itch led me down a rabbit hole of research, fueled by fascination and excitement. I finally 'got it'. It also became obvious that today it's far easier to buy Bitcoin than it was 4 years ago.
Today I'm the proud owner of 0.01603666 BTC, which I exchanged for £100.
In this guide, I take you through the exact steps I followed to buy Bitcoin. The process itself took about 15 minutes.
But before we get to the tutorial steps, it's really important to know what we're getting into. Increasingly I hear from students making mistakes due to rushing into Bitcoin because of all the hype. There's so much fragmented or misleading information out there. My aim here is to strip it to total basics without putting you off for another 4 years (hopefully).

What is Bitcoin?

To many people Bitcoin represents the future of paying for something, as a new digital global 'cryptocurrency'. Rather than using a £1 coin or $1 bill, something could be 1 Bitcoin (1 BTC).
But Bitcoin is much more than a currency, and this is why people often get confused. It's also the entire network (known as a Blockchain) that securely oversees the entire process of someone sending money to someone else.
Say you spend £20 at a restaurant on a Visa debit card. That transaction must be processed through a card machine, Visa, your bank and the merchant bank. At each step, communication and verification takes place.
Bitcoin's promise is removing all of this friction involved in the verification, whilst also making payments much more secure. You could use your mobile phone to send £20 worth of Bitcoin to the restaurant directly.
bitcoin transaction
Now to make it completely real for you, here's a guy buying an ice-cream with Bitcoin back in 2014:

By cutting out the middlemen, transactions become much cheaper too, especially when it comes to international payments.
Bitcoin also takes on the role of government central banks (eg. The Bank of England). Governments traditionally have control over the supply of currency which is open to manipulation and corruption.
The Bitcoin Blockchain is completely open. It isn't owned or controlled by anyone, it's run by a network of many computers around the world.
Of course the young cryptocurrency is not without its critics. Mainstream media, traditional banks and financial commentators all warn against a 'bubble' set to burst, and the opportunity for Bitcoin to be used by criminals.

12 key things to know about Bitcoin

bitcoin logoAs a total novice, I spent days researching the ins and outs of Bitcoin, its benefits and risks. Here's my distilled list of the key points.
  1. Trust - Fills the 'trust gap' between two parties (currently the role of banks)
  2. Secure - Transactions encrypted within a Blockchain which is impossible to hack
  3. Decentralised - With no one body in control, it can't be taken down, hacked or manipulated
  4. Unregulated - There's no guarantee of protection if a payment is made in error
  5. Transparent - Both code and all transactions (imagine knowing where every tax penny went)
  6. Low cost - Removes institutions and friction, especially for international payments
  7. Speed - Complete digital network (and no more loose change!)
  8. Limited supply - Capped at 21 million Bitcoins
  9. Truly global - Doesn't geographically exclude people
  10. Privacy - Institutions don't hold your data
  11. Virtual - Despite its name, Bitcoin has no physical coins. All 1s and 0s
  12. Volatile - Bitcoin value fluctuates wildly as it's still relatively new.
Ultimately Bitcoin promises to democratise money, whilst removing almost all of the friction and cost in making a secure payment.
You don't need to understand everything.
Under the bonnet Bitcoin is an incredibly complex technology, which makes it so secure. Most people don't really know how card machines or even the internet works but still use them everyday.
We'll dig deeper into the background and implications of Bitcoin later if you're keen to learn more

Should you buy Bitcoin?

student thinkingFirstly, you don't need to buy a full Bitcoin. That would be preeetty expensive now! A Bitcoin can be divided all the way down to a one hundred millionth. You can buy as little as £5 if you wish.
If you can't spare £5 or are in debt please don't buy Bitcoin as you could lose money.
There are 3 types of people buying Bitcoin:
  1. Speculators - the value has risen massively, but it's still very volatile making Bitcoin a risky investment
  2. Actual users - what it's all for! Spending and even earning in Bitcoin is slowly gaining traction
  3. The curious - Bitcoin's an exciting new technology, and many want to just understand the future of money and be part of the conversation.
Everyone has their own motivations, but the purpose of this guide is for the third type. I bought a small amount of Bitcoin myself to understand and appreciate this new technology and the opportunities it brings.
Once you actually give it a go by buying and sending some Bitcoin, it becomes a whole lot simpler to understand!
So yes, I believe everyone would benefit by buying a tiny bit of Bitcoin just to educate themselves on what could quickly become part of our future.
I do think Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that has the potential to do something like change the world - Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of PayPal

How to buy Bitcoin tutorial

I'm going to walk you through the exact steps I took to buy my own Bitcoin. I bought some for the sole purpose of going through the motions.
There are plenty of other (potentially questionable) methods and websites you could use - which could be slightly cheaper - but this was all about minimising risk and complication for myself as a total newbie.
You need just 5 things before buying Bitcoin:
  1. Bitcoin address - A string of numbers unique to you, that allows you to receive Bitcoin (acts like a bank account number). Also known as a 'public key'.
  2. Bitcoin wallet - A secure place to store your Bitcoin (acts like a bank account).
  3. Bitcoin exchange - A website to convert old-school cash into Bitcoin (acts like a bureau de change).
  4. Payment method - A debit or credit card to buy Bitcoin.
  5. Form of identity - You'll need your passport or driver's license to hand.

7 steps to buying your first Bitcoin

After some lengthy research, I decided on using Coinbase as a 'one stop shop'. They set me up with an address, a wallet and the conversion of pounds to Bitcoin itself.
coinbase logo
I also like their intuitive website and mobile app, which allows me to send and receive Bitcoin on the move. The whole process took me less than 15 minutes.
  1. Create a Coinbase account

    Click here for a special promo page inviting you to join.
    Complete the short form and hit "Sign up".
With this link you're able to receive a bonus amount of free Bitcoin if you buy or sell over $100/£74 (you don't have to). Once you're on Coinbase you can invite your friends in the same way
  1. Verify your email

    Head to your inbox and click the verification link. It may take a few minutes to arrive (check junk folder if longer).
  2. Connect your phone

    To secure your account, you'll now be asked to link up your mobile phone.
    This is known as 2-factor authentication and means no one can access your account without knowing your password and holding your phone.
    Coinbase will immediately send you an SMS with a code. Enter this in the box, and your account's created and secured
  3. Verify your identity

    You're now looking at your dashboard, but before being able to buy Bitcoin you need to verify your identity.
    Scroll down and click the "Verify your identity" block (bottom left).
    coinbase verify
    Select an ID type. Now decide how you want to take a photo of it (webcam or mobile).
    The live verification check only takes a minute or so.
  4. Add a payment method

    Back on the dashboard, scroll down and now click "Add a payment method".
    For the purposes of this tutorial, I suggest using a debit or credit card. This allows you to buy Bitcoin instantly, but note there is a small fee.
    Bank transfer is an option, but that takes several days to setup. Also when I tried it had to be made in Euros (which for the small amount I bought would have cost me more in bank fees than a card).
    Run through the card authentication process and now you're ready to buy your first Bitcoin.
  5. Buy Bitcoin

    Click "Buy/Sell" in the top menu.
    Ensure "Bitcoin" is selected and your payment method should be pre-loaded.
    Enter in the amount of money (or Bitcoin) you wish to buy. I bought £100 but it could be as little as £5 (£74 is needed for the £7 signup bonus).
    The conversion will be automatically shown. The box on the right shows the full transaction, including the fees.
    Click "Buy Bitcoin Instantly" and the Bitcoin will be added to your wallet immediately. Congrats!
    In my example, I purchased £100 with total Coinbase fees of £3.41. The remaining £96.59 bought me 0.01603666 Bitcoin.
    buy bitcoin
  6. Check your Bitcoin wallet

    Click "Accounts" in the top menu.
    Under "BTC Wallet" you should now see your Bitcoin amount and the transaction.
    This is also where you're able to send and receive Bitcoin.

Sending and receiving Bitcoin

Sending and receiving Bitcoin is all managed from your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet.
To receive Bitcoin from someone else, they just need your unique Bitcoin address. You can find yours by clicking the "Receive" button. It's also in a QR format that's very convenient on mobiles.
To send Bitcoin, there are a couple more steps:
  1. Click the "Send" button
  2. Enter the BTC address of the receiving person or wallet
  3. Enter the BTC amount (to be sent from your wallet)
  4. Write a message (acts like a payment reference)
  5. Click "Continue" to confirm the transaction
If you want to try this right now, make a small donation to the RNLI. Here's their address.

Download the app

bitcoin app
The Coinbase app allows you to access your wallet on the move.
This of course opens up the ability to spend and transfer Bitcoin locally using QR codes, for example in shops or between friends at dinner.

Bitcoin transactions

Remember there is a log of all transactions within your Bitcoin wallet.
Bitcoin transfers are also stored in the publicly available Blockchain, but they're completely anonymous because there's no way to associate the addresses with people.
Just for kicks, click here to see an example transaction I sent to a friend's wallet. Again, don't worry about understanding it, but we'll come back to Blockchain technology later if you're interested.

What can you buy with Bitcoin today?

bitcoin accepted russian subwayFrom local London pubs to global retailers, businesses of all sizes are starting to accept Bitcoin as payment.
You can even pay tuition fees at Cumbria University with Bitcoin, and there have been rumours that Amazon will soon be joining the party.
Here are some examples of well-known brands currently accepting Bitcoin as payment:

Where you can spend Bitcoin

See our "what you can buy with Bitcoin" guide for more!

Growth of Bitcoin across the UK

You may also be surprised by how many places near you now accept Bitcoin.
Check out the live map for your area here.
Enjoying the guide? Please share it with your friends

How does Bitcoin work?

how bitcoin worksAs I've mentioned, it's not essential to understand exactly how Bitcoin works to use it. That said, knowledge is power and I personally find it fascinating.
Bitcoin is actually built on a much broader technological advance known as Blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a super-secure way of publicly verifying the transfer of information between two parties.
When a transfer takes place, a block is added to the chain chronologically. Each block contains sets of data relating to the transaction, and also relates to the previous block with a cryptographically generated signature. It's this signature that locks (or chains) all the blocks together, so that a block can never be modified once it's created.

Seen as a kind of public ledger, a Blockchain is stored in the cloud across thousands of computers around the world. The mix of the chain being decentralised and blocks bound together makes Blockchain technology practically unhackable.
Bitcoin was the first and most popular implementation of Blockchain. When you send some Bitcoin to another person, the transaction will be verified by lots of computers in the Bitcoin Blockchain and create a new block.
You can see a real example of a block here. This is a Bitcoin transaction I made. Note the "Confirmations" icon: 1,814 separate computers have already verified this transaction.
bitcoin valid
But in fact any form of transfer that requires validation can utilise the technology, anything from licensing music, sharing medical records to buying a house.
Ethereum is another kind of cryptocurrency that also goes beyond money to handle 'smart contracts'. This means a legal document such as the transfer of Title Deeds can be quickly validated for a property sale, for example.
Even the British government are being encouraged to adopt Blockchain.
Whilst it's still early days, some experts predict that Blockchain technology will lead us into a "trust" revolution, following on from the industrial and informational revolutions.

Where do Bitcoins come from?

New Bitcoin is created as a result of 'mining', which is conveniently also the way that every Bitcoin transaction is processed and verified.
For every transaction, mining computers must solve very complex mathematical problems and generate a 64 digit solution. Once solved, one block is added to the Bitcoin chain and the miner earns a certain amount of new Bitcoin as a reward.
The Bitcoin Blockchain is programmed to only ever release 21 million Bitcoins. Once they've all been mined no more will ever be created.
This is estimated to happen by July 2020. At time of writing there are over 16.7 million in existence (live count here).

What are the downsides of Bitcoin?

It's important to remember it's still very early days. All new technology comes with obstacles and trade-offs, just as we've seen with the internet and disruptors like Uber.
Some of Bicoin's disadvantages:
  • Great amount of price volatility in the short term
  • Built-in deflation could maintain volatility longer term (due to max. 21m BTCs)
  • It's a currency and a commodity, meaning people incentivised to hold rather than spend Bitcoin
  • Huge volume of transactions processed slows down verification (whole network upgrades needed)
  • No intrinsic value - just what someone else is prepared to pay (like gold)
  • No buyer protection
  • Used for criminal transactions as it's untraceable (like cash)
  • Not widely accepted yet
  • Possibility of governments prohibiting merchants from accepting Bitcoin
  • Lots of people working in finance will lose jobs

Why has Bitcoin got so popular?

In 2010 someone bought just two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin. Today those pizzas would be over £72 million.
The phenomenal growth follows Bitcoin becoming increasingly widespread, really hitting a tipping point in 2017 as its value surged by more than 880% in 12 months.
bitcoin charts
Bitcoin had the advantage of being the first cryptocurrency, but I don't think there's one specific reason why Bitcoin itself has become so popular.
Various political events have added to the mix since 2009, along with technological advances and media attention.
For example, HMRC, the European Court and Japan have recently recognised Bitcoin as a real currency, whilst Chinese investors are increasingly keen to move their money away from the control of Chinese government.
The financial crisis of 2008 undoubtedly also gave Bitcoin a big step up. Big banks revealed their vulnerabilities and many people lost trust in institutions.

It's inevitable

In 1988 The Economist predicted a world currency by 2018. The idea is nothing new!
the economist bitcoin 1988
Is something like Bitcoin not just the natural next stage of progression? Bitcoin offers a democratic, digital, fast, secure global currency.
'Money' has already gone from grain to metals to paper to electronic (online banking, credit cards, PayPal etc). Perhaps we're on the cusp of going completely digital, and Bitcoin is taking the lead.
With all the advantages that Bitcoin (and Blockchain) carries - and that only 0.1% of the global population are participating so far - the momentum is likely to continue.
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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

How much money should your parents give you at university?

There's a high chance you're going to need some help from the Bank of Mum and Dad at university. Here's how much they're expected to contribute... 
asking parents for money
Credit: Dreamworks
Since the current maintenance loan is often nowhere near enough to cover current living costs in the UK, the government expect parents to pick up the shortfall. Basically, the more they earn, the more they're expected to contribute.
Depending on where you live at uni and how much your parents earn, they could be expected to contribute over £4,000 a year! According to our 2018 survey, the average student receives £138.50 a month from parents.
Read on to find out exactly how much your parents should be contributing and how you can go about asking them for it...

What’s on this page?

  • Should your parents give you money at university?
  • How much money 'should' your parents give you?
  • How to ask your parents for money
  • What should you do if your parents don't give you money?

Should your parents give you money at university?

Maintenance loan gap
The Maintenance Loan is on average £170 short each month - National Student Money Survey 2018
The current student finance system uses your parents' income to determine how much money you get to live off while you're studying - this means it's means-tested.
Whether this is fair or not is debatable. For starters, the system fails to take into account that some parents will also be supporting other children at university which will strain their income.
Some parents will also have different attitudes to this than others - some might think that because you're 18 (and they're technically no longer legally responsible for you), that it's up to you to fund yourself, while others might be more than willing to dish out the cash.
On the other hand, many students will have parents on lower incomes who simply aren't in a position to support them financially at all, so the government has created a system which tries to ensure these students can still access higher education.
However, after scrapping maintenance grants, students with bigger loans will now also graduate with more debt than others - again, something which isn't very fair.
Basically, even if you think your parents can't afford to give you all the money you need, or they're not willing to, our current student finance system works on the presumption that they're going to help you out financially - so unless that changes, it's a conversation you're probably going to have to have.
We should probably also point out that even if you receive the maximum maintenance loan - the loan which assumes your parents won't be able to support you - this still might not be enough to cover all your living costs. Check out our alternative funding sources for ideas of where to seek extra financial support.

How much money 'should' your parents contribute?

Every week we receive emails from students asking how much their parents should contribute towards their living costs.
There's no easy answer to this, as it really depends on your individual financial circumstances, your parents' generosity and factors such as how much rent you're paying.
However, as a bit of guidance, we've developed a calculator showing what your parents are 'expected' to contribute each year:
Parent calculator
Disclaimer: Please be aware that these are simply suggested parental contributions, that should be used as a guide only. 
These figures are based on the fact that, the more your parents' earn, the smaller your maintenance loan will be - and the larger the shortfall your parents will have to cover.
The table below gives you a breakdown of the amount of maintenance loan you'll receive, plus the expected parental contribution.
Note: This table only applies to students who started uni in or after 2016, and who are living away from home but outside of London. If this isn't you, check out our Big Fat Guide to Student Finance for more maintenance loan figures.
The amounts above were calculated on the assumption that parents who earn below £25,000 won't be contributing.
As you can see, all values add up to £8,700 - students from households with the lowest household income will have this all covered by loans, whereas students from higher income backgrounds will receive a smaller loan and will therefore need to use parental contributions to reach that same number.
Since these students receive £8,700 a year, the logic is that parents with higher incomes will be expected to make up the rest to ensure all students are receiving the same or a similar amount.
If your parents want to read up on how Student Finance works and how much money they might need to give you, our parents' guide to university has everything they need to know.

How to ask your parents for money

Once you've worked out exactly how much money you're going to need from your parents to get by at university, you'll need to sit them down and talk about it.
If you're worried about how to broach the subject, we've come up with four top tips that will make the whole process much easier (and your chances of actually getting the green light much higher!).
  1. Show them you're taking uni seriously

    studying hard
    Credit: 20th Century Fox
    Your parents might have some reservations about whether giving you money for uni is a good investment or not. They want to know that you're going to university to study hard, get good grades and ultimately get a  job after graduation.
    Show them that you're not just going to uni for the nights out - talk about particular modules you're looking forward to, any pre-reading you're doing or plans for the future.
    They'll see that you're taking university seriously, and you're committed to making the most of your time there - and that ultimately, it will be a worthwhile investment.
  2. Impress them with a budget

    Complex finance terms defines
    Credit: Warner Bros Pictures
    If you just ask your parents for a large sum of money, without actually explaining what it's going to be used for, they might be a bit hesitant.
    Instead, show them that you've thought carefully about your outgoings each week/month, and have it all written down clearly for them to see.
    Use the table above as a starting point and check our guide to budgeting to break it all down in to individual expenses.
    Ultimately, if you can give them an exact figure, with a clear idea of where that money is going, they'll be more likely to give you some help than if you just ask for 'some money'.
  3. Back it up with research

    do research
    Credit: Pemberley Digital
    A budget is one thing, but if you can go one step further and back it up with some solid research on the best deals, they'll likely be even more impressed.
    Luckily for you, Save the Student is packed full of useful guides and inside tips on how to save money at uni - check out our guide to the best value broadband packages or 57 ways to save money on food.
    This shows you haven't just calculated how much things are going to cost at uni, but you've also looked at how you're going to keep those costs down, ultimately saving your parents money.
  4. Be prepared to compromise

    compromise with parents
    Credit: BBC
    They'll likely appreciate it if you show that you don't just expect everything to be handed to you, and you're prepared to put in some work too.
    Try and scout out some part-time jobs you could do alongside your studies, or start setting up a crafty side-hustle to earn some extra cash.
    A part-time job probably won't provide you with enough money to make up the maintenance loan shortfall, but it will help and give you some financial independence while you study.

What should you do if your parents don't give you money?

no money
Credit: BBC
At the end of the day, there are many families out there who won't be in a position to provide extra cash to top up the maintenance loan - and similarly, there will be parents who just won't.
This isn't a great situation to be in, and is a major flaw in the UK's student finance system - something which Save the Student is actively seeking to change.
But in the meantime, if you're struggling for the funds you need to support yourself at university, here's a quick list of other avenues you can explore to try and top up your income:
  1. There are loads of grants, scholarships and bursaries out there, with a range of weird and quirky criteria in many cases. Do some thorough research to see if there are any suitable for you
  2. Get a part-time job - Loads of students get part-time jobs at uni, and they're a crucial way of boosting your income. You could also try freelancing if you want the extra flexibility
  3. Try setting up a side-hustle or your own business. These take some serious hard work and dedication, but could be a great way of combining your passion with a bit of money-making
  4. Find out about university hardship funds - these are available for students who are struggling financially. Your student advice centre should have more information on this
  5. Take a gap year to work full-time and save up some more money. You might be keen to get to uni, but you can easily defer your place for a year if you need more time to save.
Don't forget to use our parental contributions calculator to see how much your parents might need to give you, and don't get caught out by any student finance myths!
Do you think it's fair that parents are expected to contribute to students' living allowance at university? Let us know your thoughts!
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Monday, 24 September 2018

Top Global Bitcoin Destinations for the Cryptocurrency —Travel Enthusiast

Are you a Bitcoin enthusiast who also likes to travel? There are a few locations around the world where you can enjoy the freedom of cryptocurrency payments while taking in beautiful sights.

Bitcoin Making Traveling Easier

These days, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is becoming easier to travel to certain destinations without having to worry about overseas travel cash limit. For this author, it is as easy as converting fiat to BTC, going abroad and not having to bother with the central bank authorized spending limits.
The above is only one of the advantages afforded by virtual currencies. However, one can’t easily spend these virtual coins in every country. Below are some of the best places to conveniently use cryptocurrencies while on vacation.


The Swiss aren’t ones to shy away from innovation, commerce, and technology. The country is home to many cryptocurrency and blockchain-based businesses. There are even concerted efforts by state officials to establish the country’s status as a crypto-friendly nation.
Travelers can even pay for train tickets using Bitcoin. Imagine taking one of those train rides through the Alps, and seeing the truly wondrous sights along the way.

Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean Island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is another cryptocurrency friendly destination. Earlier in the year, Bitcoinist reported that controversial billionaire, Calvin Ayre was developing a $100 million Bitcoin Cash resort in the country.
Also, the country’s government passed a law that enabled citizenship payments in Bitcoin. Since last year, state officials have been working hard to firm up the nation’s Bitcoin regulations.


The Schiphol airport in Amsterdam installed the first ever Bitcoin ATM in a European airport. Of the 23 cryptocurrency ATMs in the Netherlands, more than half are in the city of Amsterdam. Not only that, but the popular metropolitan vacation destination is also home to one of the broadest cryptocurrency commerce enclaves in the world.
Since 2014, the city has strived to improve Bitcoin commerce by creating a ‘Bitcoin City Initiative.’ Many city-based merchants adopted BTC payments as a result of the initiative making it a prime destination for those who would prefer to use cryptocurrency payments while on vacation.


Presently, no list of cryptocurrency-friendly countries is complete without mentioning Malta. The Mediterranean island nation has pulled out all the stops in its quest to become a global virtual currency and blockchain technology hub.
Already, giants like Binance and OKEx have moved to Malta. The government has alsoenacted positive cryptocurrency regulations.
Which Bitcoin-friendly location would you like to visit on your next vacation? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below.

Image courtesy of Bitcoinist archives, Pixabay Shutterstock.
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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

How to make money as a Student in Nigeria

Hello my Fellow students, University students, college students, whatever students you're. I have been exploring program to enable university students in Nigeria make money online without a single investment.

Amin of MMO,  MR Ibanga updated a life saving Facebook profile once again.

Who is MR Ibanga?

Mr Ibanga is an online entrepreneur and the owner of a popular Nigerian website (InfoguideNigeria.Com) with many other problem solving websites.
Over the Years I’ve been following him on Facebook and other social platforms. indeed he has been providing all Nigerians suitable ways to earn online as he currently have many employees working under him.

How Does Mr Ibanga help university students in nigeria to make money online

Recently, he set up a new schools news site where you can get current educational updates from universities and other higher institutions in Nigeria.
He is not a stingy type, he love sharing works among others to get people employed so you won’t be broke even when you’re in Campus.
With this, He opened an employment opportunity and a business idea for university students in Nigeria to make money without investment. Not only is this business for university students, but also a best business to start near a university

What’s the Business Idea and How does it work?

It’s as simple as ABC: (You will become a News Reporter) hmmm sounds like a white collar Job? well i can say it’s more than one.
Here’s how it Goes: You will only be reporting Happenings around your campus while you earn for each news report.
Your Reported news will be Posted on the official website which is with your name)
You will earn ₦100 for each News reported to MyschoolNews and you will cashout or request payment after reporting 50 Campus News which is ₦5000 and you get paid directly to your bank account through bank transfer. (easy payment method)

What are the Criterias to get Started

So so easy: Provided you’re in campus or you live around the campus or higher institutionswhere you can easily capture recent happenings, you’re good to go.

Go to the FAQ page here Read the terms and conditions carefully then register and login your account you will see a pop up to submit your updates.
Start reporting while you earn for each Unique School new report.

Still Wandering?

Don’t tell me you’re still wandering if you can get 5News/per day to earn 500Naira every working days.(it’s very easy) provided you’re ready for work.
Sample A Cult students got arrested is a school news headline.
Everyday Lot’s of things worth reporting are happening in your campus, why not use this as a money making opportunity?
Yes You can Start it Now for free as the employment opportunity has been opened for those who are Willing to work.

Wrapping Up:Business idea for university students in nigeria or best business to start near a university

  • he hidden secrets, Here again I’ve unveiled another business idea for university students in nigeria or best business to start near a university and am back to my roof.
it’s now your turn to either Grab or leave the business idea.
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Monday, 27 August 2018

Construction Insurance - Importance and Coverage

production involves massive range of manpower and huge investments of money. The people at a production website danger their lives running at notable heights, with risky tools, poisonous substances, heavy device, under tunnels, and many others. hence, creation is related to excessive amount of risk for cash and lives. A moderate negligence or horrific fortune on part of the worker or owner may additionally show too steeply-priced. it is able to lead to a big monetary loss. those unfortunate activities require gear, that may bail the business enterprise out of the situation. right here arises the want of 'creation insurance', the chance control tool, customised especially for the construction enterprise. production insurance is like another insurance, that is used to defend the diverse parties related to construction manner.

A complete production coverage coverage covers all of the costs that can arise because of assets damage or non-public accidents at the construction web site. This coverage not best includes the enterprise owner, but additionally employees, employees, tenants, sub-contractors, sole proprietors and enterprise companions.

importance of creation coverage
As mentioned above, creation entails utilization of heavy system, materials, labour, and so forth. and is extra vulnerable to accidents. since the business stands chargeable for any coincidence on the construction web page, it's far the enterprise owner or the contractor that ought to pay for the clinical remedy expenses of the injured or reimbursement to the households, in case of death of the employee.

material fees associated with construction are very excessive. Any harm to the shape or the materials leads to big economic loss. Insured with the development insurance, possible are looking for economic assistance from the coverage company.

The shoppers of the flats or the constructed belongings will have all rights to sue the development organisation, in case of faulty production. In such instances the development company has to pay for the remodelling or repairing the built website online. creation insurance protects the builders from those claims, by providing financial help.

other than the above instances, production coverage offers extensive insurance, presenting safety to the enterprise in case of unexpected activities.

four principal regions it covers
construction insurance could be very massive in phrases of its coverage. it is very comprehensive and is especially designed to cover every thing of production manner, to make the commercial enterprise manner flexible. production coverage covers four primary regions of enterprise insurance. they're:

Public liability insurance
Public liability coverage is a trendy insurance to be possessed by using any business which entails interplay with the clients or people in widespread. Public legal responsibility coverage as a part of construction coverage enables the groups in case any harm to 0.33 birthday celebration assets or people is because of employees or the gear utilized in production.

Employers legal responsibility insurance
As the construction industry involves lot of dangers, any employee can get injured or die at any factor of time, because of the defective device or negligence of supervisors or co-workers. Employers are accountable for the health and protection in their employees at construction site. furthermore, the employees could have each proper to sue the proprietor and declare for compensation. In case of such unexpected events, the agency or the owner can enjoy the creation liability coverage, because the coverage agency can pay the scientific charges or the compensation associated with the claims.

Contractors all dangers insurance
Contractors all dangers insurance is customised for construction corporations. It provides assistance for agreement works of recent homes, theft of substances or equipment, damage to the substances or gear due to unexpected activities, unexpected stoppage of on-going works of latest homes, owned or employed vegetation, and so on. This insurance acts as a great assist for the maximum commonly incurred accidents in the production technique.

private twist of fate insurance
This coverage is specifically designed for managers, sole owners or commercial enterprise partners. this is useful within the cases, where the person injured can not blame another individual for the harm triggered to him. this is useful in presenting help throughout the duration for which the injured person can not get profits.

production insurance is very crucial for construction corporations because the harm or the financial loss occurred could be very difficult to be recovered. groups should comprehend that the cost of premiums for coverage is much less while in comparison to the repayment expenses. consequently, it may be concluded that, production coverage is very valuable in making the enterprise maintain for long term.

Keystone coverage institution is ireland's most advantageous supplier of public legal responsibility insurance and enterprise coverage answers to Irish industry. We provide a extensive variety of developers coverage, creation insurance, and enterprise legal responsibility insurance merchandise. Our public liability insurance ireland and enterprise insurance eire products provide tremendous cost to contractors and wellknown commercial enterprise customers. Our experienced and expert crew quickly arranges quotes for all classes of business coverage.
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How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage for Your Vacation

As thrilling as visiting can be, it additionally comes with some traumatic components. Hurling luggage to and fro can be a breeze, or it is able to reason stress for your touring experience. the first thing you need to do is don't forget your visiting fashion and cater specially to the ones desires whilst deciding on the right travel luggage in your vacation. With that in thoughts, we've got compiled a listing of some crucial matters to do not forget beforehand.

Suitcase or Backpack?

We especially focus on suitcases in preference to backpacks in this newsletter for the following reasons:


Maneuvering thru airports with a number of human beings and visitors, even as wearing a massive weight for your lower back isn't smooth. Suitcases are loads less complicated to maneuver via visitors comfortably.


in reality roll your bags with no trouble. that is our top purpose for choosing a suitcase.


A backpack does not deliver a whole lot business enterprise leeway. you will best have get entry to to a top-loading packing mechanism where you'll be compelled to remove the entirety to attain an object at the bottom. A suitcase offers you a clear view of all of your belonging as quickly as you unzip or open it.


carrying a backpack would not sincerely appearance proper.

tough or smooth?

You ought to pick your journey baggage primarily based in your touring wishes. for instance; are you journeying for business, or for amusing? Are you planning to carry any costly items that could ruin without problems? A tough carry-on is perfect for everybody sporting objects which includes an costly digicam, or if your holiday goes to be in areas with harsh climate situations. tough casing will provide safety to any item liable to breakage.

smooth bags is best for anyone seeking out delivered storage. those baggage can increase making them perfect for absolutely everyone wanting to hold some souvenirs lower back with them. additionally, soft bring-on instances are clean to stuff into an overhead compartment.


One principal element to preserve in mind is to by no means purchase a bring-on it is larger than you could certainly raise over your head. subsequent, how long is your holiday going to last for? Many humans are capable of live on with fewer gadgets than others however whilst touring a overseas location, a smaller convey-on is greater ideal. earlier than shopping a carry-on, inquire approximately that particular airline's worldwide and domestic length necessities.

some airplanes permit smaller convey-on's so it's best to constantly restrict yourself to buying a suitcase it's approximately 21 x 13 x nine and intention for a weight of 15 - 20 kilos.

here's a breakdown of a few famous bring-on sizes:

    worldwide deliver-on size is broadly speaking 18 - 20 inches
    The most famous size of a carry-on is 21 - 22 inches - this is a remarkable length, supplying enough space, but light sufficient to boost. you could journey for a month with out a great deal hassle.
    in case you're visiting with a cherished one, then a medium size might be perfect. So, bear in mind shopping a 23 - 24 inch deliver-on.
    For folks that love having more area, then 25 - 27 inches will offer you with lots of room to carry your souvenirs or your clothing items. also, in case you are vacationing along with your circle of relatives, then you may easily suit everyone's belongings into simply one of these suitcases for clean handling.
    A 28 - 32 inch length is sincerely too huge for a tour suitcase. it is very bulky and can be very hard to move. This size is definitely first-rate suitable for all and sundry making plans to transport abroad or absolutely everyone considering going to stay overseas for long intervals of time.

sometimes it is probably higher to buy two smaller suitcases as opposed to shopping for a big, heavy one. Granted, you may should pay extra but it'll be well worth it because you may not have to fear approximately stuffing everything into one bag or, incurring overweight costs whilst touring back home with a few souvenirs.


it is high-quality to purchase a bag with unique prints and colors. This way, you'll locate it smooth to spot it on the baggage carousel. additionally, you won't accidentally mistake it for someone else's bag.


Wheel choices are available in two alternatives; two or four. two wheels is the most not unusual as those bags tend to be lighter and less difficult to run with. you can also yank your bag over stairs with ease without having to manually carry it. but, these type of instances generally tend to tip over effortlessly.

four wheels stand upright allowing you to effortlessly roll them sideways in crowded or shallow pathways, such as inside a plane.

search for baggage with locking wheels - this could prevent your bag rolling away.


usually ensure that your baggage has water resistant materials or it has as a minimum been handled with a sealant on the interior to keep your property dry. that is pretty crucial as every so often your luggage might be positioned on moist, sticky, or grimy surfaces through bags handlers.

if your bag does not have a moisture-resistant sealant, then simply line the pinnacle and backside of your suitcase with plastic luggage (a rubbish bag or a dry cleaning bag will do just excellent.) This simple trick will preserve your clothes dry even in case your suitcase gets moist at the out of doors.


buy a suitcase that incorporates adjustable straps. these straps will assist maintain your belongings secure and compressed.

Piggy back Clip

have you ever seen those looped clips located on top of some tour baggage? they may be called piggy again clips and they permit a visitor to clip a smaller second bag on top of the larger one - this manner, your items will live comfy collectively at some point of your travels.

if your deliver-on does not include any piggy back clips, you could go browsing and buy one for an inexpensive rate.


cubicles come in accessible when you want to prepare your belongings. as an instance; as opposed to storing your small shampoo, or drinks, with your clothes, store them in an outside pocket (this can save you your clothes getting ruined in case of any spillage). Plus, they will be easy to discover while the need arises.
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Monday, 20 August 2018

Life Insurance Fraud

life coverage fraud is a black eye on each existence coverage organizations and lifestyles insurance clients. each events have been responsible of existence insurance fraud and can be once more--specifically on the grounds that, unluckily, fraud seems to be at the rise in keeping with most statistical measures.

research via the non-earnings The Coalition in opposition to coverage Fraud concludes that existence coverage fraud devoted by means of all parties prices an average household $1650 in keeping with 12 months and increases existence coverage premiums by using 25%.

lifestyles insurers are most often responsible of insurance fraud in the shape of their sellers doing "churning". that is in which the agent seeks to cancel your existing life insurance policy and update it with a new coverage this is paid for by the "juice", or coins cost, in your present coverage. marketers do this to earn greater commissions for themselves without having to are seeking new potentialities for commercial enterprise. Churning can result in multiplied charges for a client and sincerely prices them out in their coins fee.

some other insurance fraud practiced by way of agents, however, is referred to as "windowing". that is wherein, being unable to achieve a purchaser's or applicant's signature on a important file however already having that signature someplace else, the agent holds up a signed report at the back of the unsigned file, presses it in opposition to a window to make the mild shine via, and strains over the signature with a pen as a way to forge the signature of the purchaser or applicant.

when big call insurance businesses have their retailers do terrible things it makes big headlines, however the truth is that the general public is a long way greater guilty of coverage fraud than businesses are. And of path making false claims is the factor they do the most, that's why all claims on existence insurance demise advantage payouts are situation to research.

however falsely mentioning background or economic income data is some other form of insurance fraud frequently engaged in by consumers. They might be embarrassed through their scientific history or profits, or they will realise that if they tell the fact they may have their insurance diminished or their rates will be very high. If a life insurance organization reveals out someone lied on their utility they have got the right no longer to pay the declare or now not pay the full loss of life gain relying on the occasions and the policy.

but there are things that shoppers of existence coverage can do to shield themselves against coverage fraud, considering the fact that they don't have the amazing investigative assets that lifestyles coverage agencies do.

bear in mind, with regards to existence coverage, if it sounds too desirable to be genuine, it likely is. there may be no unfastened lunch.

shop all your lifestyles coverage paperwork, including getting receipts for every penny you give your agent, and by no means ignore any notifications out of your lifestyles insurance company.

life coverage is never loose and it is now not a 401-k, despite the fact that positive regulations can certainly grow to be self-funding--however they in no way start off that way.

never buy any insurance that you feel strongly is senseless, by no means allow your self be compelled, and by no means borrow to finance life insurance.

despite the fact that it may be a part of an funding portfolio, existence insurance's number one function is safety in opposition to the unexpected--and most of the people do not want existence coverage in their later years. it's far supposed to be brief.

the writer lives together with her husband in Maryland, with their two dogs and cat. She prepare the internet site [] a good way to help the everyday individual navigate the frequently complicated global of life insurance.
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Sunday, 19 August 2018

NgAdverts Review: Highest paying Pay per Click affiliate program in Nigeria

Top Online Advertising & Digital Marketing Agency in NigeriaHave you ever ever come across Ng adverts? and you are wandering how ng adverts works? and a way to make money out of your internet site using NG advertisements?. let’s see how this newsletter permit you to discover answers.

Why was i even looking for pay in step with click on affiliate networks in Nigeria when we've got AdSense, Infolinks, Chitika and others?

Right here are my reasons:

once in a while i just experience very bored with the use of these overseas ads have been you cannot get your money paid in Naira. perhaps you receives a commission thru PayPal and you start to do some PayPal advertising and marketing right here once more to get your incomes in Naira.

Even the few ones that can pay on your financial institution entails too many technique which many new bloggers can discover very tough.

If Nigerians can get a great paying pay according to click publishers network, am very certain it'll be more dependable examine to different foreign ones in phrases of receiving charge.
NgAdverts assessment

What is Ng advertisements?

NgAdverts is an advertising platform set up given that 2016 to help advertisers get their commercial enterprise strolling online at low cost costs.

now not handiest is Ng advertisements meant to help advertisers, Publishers also can make cash from their websites with NgAdverts ads.

To the publishers, NGADVERTS run three distinctive ads kinds:

    CPC-price in step with click on
    CPA-price consistent with action
    CPM-fee in keeping with Mile

NgAdverts charge Threshold
You may withdraw from Ng ads on your Nigerian bank account without delay whilst you attain the payment threshold of #5000 five thousand Naira)

in case you don’t need to transfer this earning on your financial institution , you can use it to run commercial with NgAdverts
Ngadverts review-Ngadverts %, CPM, CPA charge?

Ng advertisements is one of the excessive paying Nigerian marketing networks, they have 70% revenue proportion with their publishers examine to different ad network with 40% – 60% revenue proportion.

Their lowest % rate you may get is #10 (Ten Naira) and it can be excessive as #forty – #50 according to click on. as an instance, in case you are served with #forty in keeping with click commercials on the average, you’ll best require about sixty eight clicks to reach the fee threshold (this is a
piece of cake )…

The Ngadverts CPM charge is on the minimal of zero.0.5 per impression and may be as high as 0.09 according to impression. without your site visitors clicking commercials you may nevertheless attain price threshold with simply
approximately 23,000 views (this is quite smooth Uhn). if you’ll want to sign on as a writer in this ad

Ng advertisements Referral software

apart from being profitable from NgAdverts serving advertisements to your internet site , you also earn whilst you refer others to this platform.

if you refer a publisher, you earn five% commission of every amount they earn. but when you refer advertisers , you earn 15% commission of any quantity they spend to put it up for sale.

if so ,you may earn extra when you refer extra advertisers to use NgAdverts as compared to while you refer publishers.

From different seen NgAdverts evaluations and from my personal experience with Ng adverts , i've noticed that registration is simple both for mobile and laptop customers.

To get started With NgAdverts , you can sign in as a writer to earn from your blog or as an advertiser to get your enterprise on line. Get commenced below.

Ng ads assessment

This NgAdverts evaluation is just an offer to create awareness approximately the lifestyles of NgAdverts and to can help you know they're legitimate and no longer rip-off.

for now, we've got just started out running with NgAdverts so we’ve got no payment proofs. when we reach the threshold quicker we shall replace you with a few Ng advertisements payment proofs here.

To get in touch with NgAdverts, you may reach them on fb thru their page or use the contact information at once from their weblog.(+234 818 161 0450)
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Friday, 17 August 2018

Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

Not everyone know how advantageous Fire insurance really is but After struggling a fireplace the homeowner will want to do report a declare for assets damages so we can clean up and begin to rebuild. Fires are devastating and sometimes owners will make a pricey mistake throughout and after the settlement of their fireplace claims. maximum will allow a fireplace declare adjustor come survey their property and make the declare however there may be things which are missed for the duration of the initial claim. One aspect to notice is that once the coverage organization sends you a take a look at and closes the fireplace claims the house owner has 3 years to add to the prevailing closed claim. this may be achieved if it's far located that the damages had been not assessed correctly. To help make sure which you get the right settlement to your fire claims, here are some suggestions that will help you.

report the damage to your property and different buildings

take the time to investigate and record all the harm your self. If the home isn't a total loss make sure which you take pics of the damaged rooms. attempt to take overviews and some near-up images. earlier than you input the room, hall, or closet take an overview. through doing this it will assist you to organize your pics and which ones belong to which room. as an instance, with the living room, take an outline, then go from pinnacle to backside of the partitions, ceiling, doorways, and the ground.

document harm in your contents

the following step is to go back to each room and closet to inventory your contents. For everything this is harm, consisting of garments, shoes, furniture, artwork, and so forth which have been damaged by using the fire making sure to reveal the damage on the photograph. sure, that is going to take a whole lot of pics however everything desires to be documented in an effort to get the right agreement. Make a listing of all contents that have been damage. once you've got listed the broken items and feature the snap shots take any other go searching the room to ensure that you have not missed something. Make an inventory listing for each room with the pix attached.

assessment your insurance policy

yes, insurance regulations are difficult to understand however earlier than submitting fireplace claims you need to make the effort to review your police basics, consisting of how lots coverage you've got on your home, how an awful lot insurance is on your personal assets, and what kind of will the policy pay so one can live in a resort.

when you do fire claims the fire claims adjuster will cover to the site of the fireplace and start their own declare. Do not deliver them the original snap shots and stock declare sheet however a duplicate. this could assist them expedite the claim.

this text is penned with the aid of Lora Davis for Up front settlement who are experts in coverage policy. They use their blended information to maximise your declare recovery. if you are searching out a validated and skilled coverage adjuster in Michigan or claims adjuster in Michigan then just name Up the front settlement at 248-496-0481 now
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Thursday, 16 August 2018

How to Find the Best Tours and Travels

Are you making plans a ride to a totally special city or kingdom or united states? So make it greater adventurous through hiring a tour operator, due to the fact touring a brand new area sounds certainly exciting, but it is able to be hard when you have no idea about the places to visit, language, meals, etc. Hiring an operator will no longer best make your journey pressure-loose, however also within your budget due to the fact paying a price to an operator is much less highly-priced instead spending on extravagantly on different stuff at the trip. A excursion operator will make you experience the high-quality meals in the city, lovely attractions, hotels, etc. in case you are inquisitive about knowing artifacts and records behind any ancient monuments, a knowledgeable operator will provide you with all such enriching facts.

Wherein TO find a excursion OPERATOR-

if you are seeking out a nearby operator you may contact the travelling enterprise close by your location. Or there are many on line touring agencies imparting the offerings of an skilled operator. apart from this there are many freelancer operators available online.

Characteristics OF A excursion OPERATOR-

There are certain qualities that make an operator different from others. a great operator is wise and informed who will guide you all through the trip with none problem. You need not worry approximately directions or direction due to the fact an skilled operator will make you travel in maximum cozy way of transport. extra than this, an operator need to be charismatic and amiable, so that you might not sense like being on an academic excursion with your faculty foremost. A tour manual have to have good conversation capabilities due to the fact if you are visiting with a collection, it is obvious that there can be chaos and confusion that an operator desires to control with maturity. it's miles have to for an operator to own accurate organizational skills if you want to keep coordination amongst organization individuals and stick with the schedule of the journey. she or he have to be emphatic and cordial because no person likes to head on a trip with an conceited character that sucks the complete fun out of the excursion. coping with time is one of the finest virtues that an operator ought to possess because you want to be a positive place at a particular time with none postpone. An operator can both make your holidays remarkable amusing or could make it a horrible experience.

Points TO bear in mind-

before choosing an operator, first, make it positive the price is within your visiting budget. aside from this, pick an experienced and reputed operator, due to the fact it's far usually wise to discover with a person having expertise approximately that region. usually observe the guidance of your excursion guide in terms of directions, punctuality, means of shipping, and many others. absolutely everyone wishes a damage from their stressful agenda, so plan a solo experience or together with your buddies or circle of relatives, rent a excursion operator and discover specific cities, their culture, meals and herbal splendor.

planning to go on LAS VEGAS GRAND CANYON excursions? visit our website and get one of a kind discounts on day journeys from Las Vegas. allow us to make your ride secure and noteworthy.
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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Alternative to Clickbank in Nigeria

Clickbank remains one of the top affiliate programs in the world. Unlike some other affiliate networks that barely accept Nigerians ClickBank does that without a blink of an eyelid.
However, as an online entrepreneur in Nigeria, you can’t afford to bank all your eggs in one basket, which is the sole reason for this article. Aside from ClickBank, there are other affiliate networks to bank on in Nigerian. So in this article, I will be listing just two other affiliate networks that can serve as an alternative. Just in case you are looking to spread your tentacles or probably you are looking to join other affiliate networks aside ClickBank. But I will be narrowing it down to just two. 

So what are these two alternatives you can bank on and still make your legit huge earning?
They are 

    JvZoo and
    Warrior forum.

Just before I got a clear difference on the two I used to believe they are of the same platform. But that’s just an assumption, not a real fact. The two are two different affiliate platforms with difference modus of operandi. Just in a bit, you will see how the two works.

JvZoo Marketplace
JvZoo Marketplace being of one of major affiliate program still accepts Nigerian. Though the process of signing up is not as easier as that of ClickBank since ClickBank accept you upon registration. For JvZoo it must be approved before you can start promoting vendors’ products. Basically, It takes a few days to be accepted in the platform but where the hitches come is not been accepted by a particular vendor to promote a specific product. However, this is a rare case as most time Jvzoo automatically approves this. So you don’t need to worry much.
But one factor that you must bear in mind before you head on to sign up is the Paypal that is required upon registration. This is the only requirement at the moment you need before you can sign up for JvZoo. Create a Paypal account that can be able to send and receive payment here in Nigeria then head into to JvZoo to get your account created.
Just before you ask why Paypal is required upon registration, this is to enable them to get a direct access to your PayPal account so that in a case where buyers ask of refund after making a certain payment, they can make the refund without hassle. But just before you promote any product. Make sure you have tested the product so as to retain your customer trust.

Warrior forum.
This is another awesome affiliate program. This affiliate program is not for everyone as it only promotes product meant for only bloggers, webmasters, and internet marketers. This simply means that if you are in any other niche such as health, there is no need of signing up. One good thing about Warrior forum is that it has a site “Warrior plus” that helps you know how to register as an affiliate. 

Likewise JvZoo it makes use of papal for its payment. So before you head over to get a PayPal account that can also send and receive money here In Nigeria.
Hopefully I guess this paypal nigeria creation guide will be of help just incase. 
That’s it and you will be ready to withdraw your earning while promoting people’s products.
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