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Saturday, 14 July 2018

How to know the guy you date will marry you?

1. The person you are simply dating will disclose to you that he isn’t the dedication sort. He will invest energy with you, getting things done, make out and will never concede he can be into any dedication. While the one you will wed is the person who turns into the correct person not long after you meet. This is while everything in your life changes and he influences you to acknowledge you can’t survive without him.
2. The person you are dating never discusses your future together. He isn’t aggressive and doesn’t feel amped up for your future life either. While the person you will wed dependably discusses future, plans things together and there is nothing he will think to reject you from.
3. He’ll test you and see what catches he can push. He needs to perceive the amount you’re willing to give notwithstanding when he doesn’t respond things. While with the person you will wed, all that you give you get back and out of the blue, it doesn’t feel like you’re making a decent attempt to influence a relationship to work.
4. The person you date will never try to catch wind you had always wanted and designs. He just thinks about the present minute and needs to get most extreme. He isn’t keen on your life and couldn’t care less about being a piece of your life. Then again the person, you will wed, underpins and empowers you for better future and accomplishing your objectives. He ends your life as his life.
5. The person you are dating simply needs s8x with you. He isn’t that patient and dependably thinks to utilize you for his pleasure. He will utilize everything to trap you. While the person, you will wed, will need everything with your assent. He will need to wed you before things get excessively genuine.
6. The person you are dating has s8xual objectives concentrated on his pleasure. He couldn’t care less how you feel or what it intends to you as he is discovering delight in you. The person you will wed will attempt to discover new s8xual objectives that attention on your pleasure and it has little to do with his pleasure.
7. The person you date meets you at a position of regular of drinking, celebrating and resting together. The person you will wed wouldn’t meet at a bar and he will need you to meet some place that interests both of you-a place that interfaces you both. From that point you assemble the eventual fate of your relationship in view of that.
8. The person you date gives you a chance to pay and has many reasons to not pay at the eatery. While the person you will wed never gives you a chance to pay bills and dependably approaches before the server requests the bill.
9. The person you date won’t discuss emotions. He doesn’t know how he feels about you. He may like you. He may like being with you in some cases. Be that as it may, he isn’t the person who can influence you to feel secure. The person you wed isn’t reluctant to state I cherish you first. The person, you will wed needs, you to know he’s totally enamored with you. He’ll say it without mulling over it since he feels fortunate to try and have you. You look at him without flinching and you see the following fifty years before you.
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Thursday, 12 July 2018

How to: Things You Have To Avoid When You Are Pregnant

Pregnant women are to be treated and handled delicately as they carry their unborn babies and there are certain things they have to avoid.
Smoking. Why? It’s harmful to the developing baby. It can lead to premature birth and low birth weight, and it increases the risk of cot death.
Raw or undercooked meat. Why? To prevent infection with toxoplasmosis, a parasite that can be found in meat. In some countries, pregnant women are also advised to avoid cold cured meats such as salami, chori^a and pepperoni.
Some drugs, medicines and herbal remedies. Why? Certain medicines – including common pain killers – can harm your baby’s health. Check with your doctor, midwife or pharmacist before taking any medicine or herbal remedy.
Some fish. Why? Certain fish contain high levels of mercury, which can damage the baby’s developing nervous system. So avoid shark, marliri and sword fish altogether, and limit tuna to no more than two steaks or four medium-sized can a week.
Liver products. Why? Liver, liver pate and liver sausage may contain a lot of vitamin A, and too much of this can harm your baby. Also avoid fish liver oil supplements and other supplements containing vitamin A.
Too much caffeine. Why? High levels of caffeine can result in babies having a low birth weight, which may increase the risk of health problems in later life. Too much caffeine can also cause miscarriage. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea and chocolate, and some soft drinks and energy drinks. Certain cold and flu remedies also contain caffeine. The advice is to limit your intake to ?,00rng a day – that is approximately two mugs of instant coffee, or two cups of tea and a 50g bar of chocolate.
Alcohol. Why? Alcohol passes through the placenta and can affect a baby’s development. During the first three months, alcohol may increase the risk of miscarriage. If you drink heavily through pregnancy, your baby could be born with a group of problems known a foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). The more you drink, the greater the risks.
If you choose to drink alcohol, official advise is to limit your intake to one or two units a week. A unit is equal to half a pint of lager or cider, a single measure of spirits such as gin or vodka, and half a standard (175ml) glass of wine.
Raw or partially cooked eggs. Why? Uncooked eggs and foods made with raw eggs—such as home-made mayonnaise and chocolate mousse – may contain salmonella, which can cause food poisoning.
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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Ankara Style Idea Samples And Inspiration For Couples Mr And Mrs

Ankara Style Idea Samples And Inspiration For Couples Mr And Mrs

So, you have an outing with bae soon and you want to rock the same outfit but don’t want to look like the couples from the 60’s? Well, you have nothing to worry about as these ankara styles for couples are everything and more. Glance through these beautifully crafted designs and forward  your favourite to your tailor right away. We want you looking dashing for your next outing together.

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~African fashion, Ankara, kitenge, African women dresses, African prints, African men's fashion, Nigerian style, Ghanaian fashion ~DKK

ankara styles

file_1507162476.png (509×667)
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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Top 10 Anti-Aging Food You Must Know

In today’s busy life, everyone wants to look young by simply maintaining a healthy diet. For this reason, we should eat food which strengthen, control wrinkle from our skin and make us glow.  Antioxidants like vitamin C,Omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fat,flavonoidsand polyphenols, potassium-rich foods help you to keep your skin younger. Ready to get specific about what to put on your grocery list?

1.  Olive Oil

Olive oil also contains polyphenols; powerful antioxidants that may help prevent age-related diseases. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil were largely responsible for the low rates of heart disease and cancer.
2. Oranges
Oranges are good source of water and vitamin C. water helps to hydrate the skin and cells and vitamin C helps to make collagen that helps to keep skin flexible.
3.  Avocados
These are very good source of healthy type of fat, monounsaturated fat, which helps to hydrate the skin. These fats also help to absorb some vitamins and nutrients which are essential for skin.
4. Fish
Fatty fish such as salmon, lake trout, or tuna contain Omega-3 fatty acids which offer many anti-aging benefits. They also help to protect heart, lower your odds of having a stroke, and may even help guard against Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Berries

Berries like blackberries, blueberries and grapes are acts like as super foods, contain powerful antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals and aging. Blackberries and blueberries contain anthocyanins because of their purple and blue colors. These compounds, which are also known as flavonoids, reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, urinary tract health, memory function, and healthy aging.

6. Sprouts

Sprouted beans are good source of antioxidants. Brussels sprouts are also a great source of the skin-friendly vitamins A and C and folate.Vitamin C promotes collagen. And while you still need to use sun protection, vitamin A and folate may help prevent sun damage.
7. Green tea
Antioxidants found in green tea provide anti-aging benefits.  According to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, the polyphenols contained in green tea are powerful antioxidants which not only protect the body from damage by free radicals, but can also protect the cells against DNA damage from UV radiation.
8.  Watermelon
Watermelon consists of around 92% water. So, eating watermelon will help to hydrate the body and maintain collagen production, which promotes firm, youthful skin and a healthy body. Watermelon has several anti-aging qualities.Watermelon contains citrullinean amino acid that has anti-inflammatory effects and has ability to reduce muscle fatigue. Watermelon also contains Lycopene which can help to eliminate free radicals (responsible for visible signs of aging) from the body.
9.  Vegetables
Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, turnip, sprouts are rejuvenating foods, aid to fight against toxin and help to fight aging. They contain vitamins, antioxidants and color pigments which help to eliminate free radicals and protect from sun damage.
10.  Fermented food
People have been consuming fermented foods for hundreds of years. Fermented foods include yogurt, sauerkraut, picklestempeh, kefir, natto, kimchi and the fermented beverage etc. Fermented foods contain the beneficial flora Lactobacillus acidophilus (good bacteria). These bacteria produce several byproducts, including lactic acid. Lactic acid actually preserves food and boosts health by inhibiting other “bad” bacteria. Research shows that fermented foods can restore the balance of intestinal flora, and improve digestion because of the introduction of probiotics into the digestive tract and help to look skin healthy.
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Friday, 6 July 2018

7 Most Popular Jobs Nigerians Do Abroad

The unemployment plaguing Nigerians is one of the reasons many are emigrating to developed countries.
What though are the job opportunities available in these countries?
A publication by the Guardian in 2016 revealed that most of the jobs undertaken, were jobs Nigerians would deem beneath them in their home country.
However, there were also some good jobs in the mix.
Below is a list that contains most of such jobs:-
1. Factory work
Nigerians, and by extension Africans can be found in most factories, doing the grunt work and heavy-lifting to earn their keep.
2. Farming
A farm in the US is not like a farm in Nigeria, so most of this Nigerians will gladly do the work in better conditions, for better pay and with machinery and equipment.
3. Taxi drivers
Many of the Taxi drivers from Nigeria are people with a university degree, who have to get some sort of certification to be employable and so have taken to driving taxis to keep body and soul together.
4. Mortuary assistants
Washing dead bodies in another man’s land is a running joke among Nigerians that reflects the reality. Many Nigerians work in mortuaries to earn a living.
5. Registered Nurse
For many Nigerian women, this is the dream job, even their male counterparts are joining in the fray.
They earn an average of $66,220 about N23 million annually, with top nurses making as much as $96,320 (N34m) and some earning less than $45,630 (N16m).
6. Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Knowledge of ICT or IT as it is more commonly called is one quick way to get a job. Seeing that it does not require as much certification as conventional jobs, young Nigerians are plugging into the system and landing stable, well-paying jobs.
7. Teaching
For those in the literary circle, landing a teaching job in colleges outside the country is another way to job security being exploited. Many have been able to apply for a PhD and teach while they get it in lieu of paying tuition fees.
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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

5 Frustrating Car Problems One Can Be Faced With

Every car owner is bound to experience one form of car fault or the other. The magnitude of these car faults vary; it can be mild faults, low cost faults, easily traced faults, catastrophic faults, frustrating faults etc.
In this post, we centered on “frustrating car faults”. Some of these frustrating faults can cause great pains and embarrassment as the case may be. Imagine after a very stressful hour in your work place and you’re heading home under the hot sun and your car stalls and refuses to move again because of one fault or the other.
Some of these problems are not only frustrating; they can be dangerous on highways and on lonely roads at night if they should occur. In fact, they can stop you at the middle of nowhere. Some of these faults can be a huge struggle for some people in their finance since it will cost a huge sum of money to get fixed.
Below are the 5 frustrating car fault one can face (in no particular order)
1. Cutting of timing belt:
This particular problem does not announce its impending arrival just like some other car faults would do. It just happens. This might occur at night in a place which might keep you stranded and/or get your car packed in an unsafe place.
The timing belt is not in a very accessible position in your car and may take a quite long time to loose and then replaced.
There are two types of engine timing configurations. The configuration used by a car determines if there would be negative after-effect when the timing belt gets cut. There are two valve configuration – Interference and non-interference configuration.
In an interference engine, the valve and piston share the same airspace and they never touch. They touch only when the timing belt cuts or skips. This is a catastrophic failure which requires removing the head and replacing belt valves.
Non-interference engine has no risk of contact of valve and piston even when the timing belt cuts or skips.
Be it as it may, either configuration can leave you stranded, so regular timing belt replacement is very important. Your timing belt should be replaced every 50,000-70,000 miles (refer to your owner’s manual and look up the maintenance schedule).
It is important you note that not all mechanics are good at changing timing belt. Proper changing and setting of timing belt needs professionals. So, be mindful of who carries this out for you.
2. Ball joint and upper arm problem:
car with pulled ball joint
Ball joints are the spherical bearings that connects the control arm the steering knuckles. The problem arises when the ball joint of your vehicle pulls out. It stalls your car immediately they occur.
Here in Nigeria, this particular fault is very prominent in Honda especially Accord (End of discussion) and CR-V.
For those who are always faced with ball joint problem, it is advisable you change the ball joint once every two (2) years even when they give signs of such problems or not. Nigeria bad roads weaken the ball joint over time. I also advice you change the ball joint before rainy season and after rainy season if you ply flooded areas.
3. Fuel pump problem:
Any car that runs on fuel will definitely stop whenever the fuel pump stops working. The function of the fuel pump is to take fuel from the fuel tank to the engine with the correct pressure.
When faced with fuel pump problem in your car, it cannot be easily replaced because it is always located inside the fuel tank, hence, cannot be easily accessed. This might require the towing of your car to mechanic workshop for repairs.
Fuel pumps might give some signs when faulty before the stop working totally. One of the best ways to know a failing fuel pump is when the car is moving at an accelerated speed, perhaps above 50 mph. The car starts jerking and after some times will go back to its normal regular performance. Fuel pump problem can also be noticed by extended cranking time of the engine. A failing or already dead fuel pump may cause you car engine not to start or accelerate.
Failed fuel pumps can be as a result of clogged fuel filter, driving on low fuel, broken wires etc.
4. Overheating of the engine:
Overheating of a car engine can arise due to multiple causes. When a car starts to overheat, you have to pull over and allow the car to cool to an extent before you can continue your journey; else, it may cause damage to your engine.
Overheating might arise when there is leak in the cooling system of your car; leakage is regarded to be the most common cause of engine overheating. Another cause of this overheating is dirty, clogged or rusty radiator.
5. Brake failure:
brake malfunction signal
This car fault is very risky and it puts one in a situation when you have little or no control on how to get the car to halt. The story of the adrenaline rush you might get down your spine might not be finished in a day.
Brake failure can be a very frustrating experience for anybody especially inexperienced drivers or those who are new to the road.
There are several causes of brake failure. It includes: leakage in the brake system, overheated brake pads, moisture etc.
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Sunday, 1 July 2018

MTN 2000% Welcome Back Bonus: Get N2000 for N100 Recharge - MTN WinBack

Remember 9mobile Welcome Back offer? Also Airtel 20% welcome back bonus offer and Glo welcome back bonus, MTN is here with their own welcome back promo which is valid for 3months.

MTN welcome back bonus will give you a whooping 2000% bonus for calls & Sms to all networks and pay-as-you-go browsing. This offer is for those who has dumped their MTN sim for 45 days or more.


MTN 2000% Bonus will give you N2,000 naira when you load N100 on your dumped MTN sim (sim that have been inactive for 45 days or more).
If you have not used your MTN line to make/received calls, load airtime, send sms or used it for browsing for 45 days or more, then this offer is for you. Get the sim, insert it in your phone and recharge a minimum of N100.

You can load above N100 to get more huge bonus. Below is the list of the bonuses attached to every recharge you make for the first time.

  • Recharge of N100 gives N2,000
  • Recharge of N200 gives N4,000
  • Recharge of N400 gives N6,000
  • Recharge of N500 gives N10,000
  • Recharge of N1,000 gives N20,000

1500% of the bonus will be used for PayU data while the remaining 500% will be used for calls and SMS to all networks in Nigeria. MTN won't deduct the main balance until you exhaust the bonus.

Coming to the call rate, you will be billed 80kb/sec (N48/min) while SMS at the default rate is N4/SMS capped at 75 SMS weekly and data at the default rate is N5/MB.

Note that you can only get the data once and you can't subscribe for data using the free bonus. You can dial *559*65# to check your bonus balance.

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You Can Now Use or Rollover Your Unused Data Balance After Your Subscription Expires - NCC

After listening to several complains from Nigerians, NCC decided to bail out the subscribers from this cage by directing all internet service providers to extend their grace period in order to allow people with unused data balance to have adequate time for subsequent subscriptions and roll over.

Before today, to roll over your unused data balance when your subscription expires, you need to renew your bundle before expiration. There was nothing like Grace / Roll-Over Period.

Imagine yourself subscribing to a monthly data bundle of 10GB for 5k and something came up that took up your time during that month, and boom! you received alert that your data bundle has expired". How would you feel when you noticed that the data was wiped off?

Thank God, NCC has implemented a data rollover policy for all networks in Nigeria, including Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, and MTN, to allow us to use our expired or unfinished data bundle in the following month. A second chance would be given of 1 to 14 days extra, depending on your data bundle.

According to the NCC, the Data Roll-Over policy would come into effect this week following complaints from millions of data subscribers that they were being short-changed by internet service providers as a result of the non-implementation of the policy in the country.

The implementation has begun on the 26th of June, 2018.

We need to commend the agency for this exercise. Hopefully, these will improve the quality of telecoms services in Nigeria as well as make living easier.
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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Top 3 Bad Habits Among Youths And How To Overcome Them

Top-Three Bad Habits Among Youths And How To Overcome Them
Good day friends.
This thread is a ‘commendable’ and proven panacea (remedy) to the common bad habits most young people are struggling with, day to day, unknown to parents, friends or guardians.
I’m gonna be sharp and precise.

1. Masturbation (Self-Service)- 
Does the name scare you? Lol. Even if it’s still controlling you, look it in the face and call it by its name and say, ‘I’ll overcome you someday’. I pray that day comes soon.

2. Online Betting (Nairabet, Bet9ja etc)
3. Taking toxic substances (Smoking, drinking, partying etc.)
Important Question:
How did it all begin? This will help you understand the nature of that “unholy attachment” and how to “RESET the factory settings”, so to speak.
– Through family/ friends?
– Through idleness?
– Via the media/internet?
OBVIOUSLY YOU FEEL IT DOESN’T KEEP ITS PROMISES OF ‘pleasure extraordinaire’ otherwise you won’t be reading this and looking for a way to break up with it.
People who are today addicted went in with a good intention; “I want to abstain from s ex so lemmie stick here with, self pleasure.” Same for others.
They later found that out to be deceptive and addictive.
They want out.


Masturbation is like a BABY (Call it Boss Baby) that feeds on three meals:
– Lusting after Curvy, busty girls OR well-built guys.
– P*rn
– Idleness
You can kill the baby if you CUT THE SUPPLY of food and attention given to it.
No prayer can do that for you. Just cut it.
Most youths; Believers or Unbelievers have this as their ‘soft spot’.
Speaking of ‘soft spot’, Man is made from the earth, clay. When water touches a part of clay, that part becomes slippery, soft. That’s called SOFT SPOT. But if you shut the tap. The clay becomes hard, until whenever you put on the tap again. So put off the tap! Stop telling people your weakness. Work dirty on it until it’s no more!
REAL ENGLISH: If you are a Christian, surround yourself with Godly materials. For me, I bought an MP3 tape messages of my spiritual leader and played it constantly. A day, 3 to 5 hours go to messages; while cooking, walking, working etc. Minus sleeping time. I didn’t know when those teachings started driving me to BLOCK those WhatsApp girlfriends who adds no value to me other than lusty chats. obscene sites became disgusting. Looking at girls’ behind reduced drastically; What’s the point?
It works all the time!
I even discovered that when I spent so much time playing video games on my laptop, the urge for self-servicing comes: What’s the Link, I thought? (You’ve got to be smarter.)
IDLENESS of hands invites Satan, I found out.
I deleted all my laptop games (PS 4). Cut my pads and dumped them.
That even kept ‘useless’ friends away.
 I now use my time wisely to pursue my goals.
Talk about ruthless self-discipline.
Of course, I had enough time for Prayer and Hard, Profitable work too.

Solution For Point 2
Betting (Bet9ja, Nairabet etc.)
If I was told I was ever going be involved in this, I would have hissed.
However, some friends came for a holiday in my place. Few month later after they were gone, I dabbled into it BUT Online.
It lingered for like 4 months until I SHUT THE TAP and CUT THE SUPPLY by HIS grace.
I’ve tried that several times as most of these Online Betting sites makes it tough or impossible to delete your account.
One day, I got really infuriated and wanted out and lo, an IDEA struck my mind.
Get a new password. Just type in random alphabets without knowing what you typed. That worked. 
Even if my flesh wants to make free extra cash, which never really come by easily, I won’t know the password.
That’s how I became free till date.


Never tasted any but I know the way out is same.
You don’t have to amputate your hands.
A part of you is getting or has gotten acclimatized to that habit. If you starve that part of you of enjoying that habit (No Compromise), Soon enough, that part of you will get used to living without that habit, harmful substances in this case.

In Conclusion:
 I understand Different Strokes For Different Folks but I strongly believe this is one sure deal.
A s ex addict don’t have to detach his egg plant even as that is not the main trouble.
Stop feeding on things that causes erection. Stay far from them. Don’t hang around them. Don’t toy with them. That’s defensive. To be offensive, begin to feed on spiritual things. Addictions are not chemical reaction problems. I believe they are spiritual otherwise you could have easily put them away. So try out what you’ve read.
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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

4 Things Men Should Do To Get Any Woman They Want

Finding the right partner for a Man can be an arduous task.
While its a difficult task to search for your soulmate, below are some freebie tips that can really guide you:

1. Be Confident

Confident dudes are attractive- Alpha males are s*xy as hell.
Being confident means you are extremely secure with yourself and it takes confidence to be direct: a quality that women really dig.
Women want a man who knows what he is doing. No lady wants to be with a guy who thinks little of himself.

2. Be A Great Listener

‘We ladies like it when you listen and understand us’- Said by every woman.
Being a great listener helps to build a relationship and paves way for communication.
So next time you are having a conversation with a girl, listen well, she will become emotionally attached to you!

3. Go Out

You cannot find a girl sitting at home playing video games.
Go out more and strike a conversation with a girl you like.
If you are especially the shy type, this will help build your confidence.
Smile more. Weekends are the best days to meet up with people. Here are a few places you can also go: Cinemas, Lekki Conservation Centre, Lounges, Restaurants and ‘Owambe’ parties.

4. Dress Well & Practice Good Hygiene

Lets face it, No 21st century woman wants to be with with a dirty person who has a piss poor fashion sense.
Wear nice clothes, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but always look neat and smell nice.
To get the right one, you have to be the right one. Work on your character, attitude and get in shape. Do some soul searching. The right one will come at the right time.
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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How to Test Them Before Investing in Inventory

Product Line Extensions: How to Test Them Before Investing in Inventory
When you’re holding inventory that isn’t selling, it’s tempting to think that ordering different products might be the key to boosting sales and turning a profit.
But before you make a big investment in more inventory, it’s important to get data and feedback about which products your audience really wants to buy. Luckily, you can do that without a major new product order, and there are even ways to do it without holding any inventory at all. That’s what we’re tackling today in Ask Shopify.


I realize the formula is different for every shop, but is there a general rule of thumb to follow when it comes to replenishing and expanding the product line when inventory isn't selling through as quickly? The thought of incurring a higher cost of investing in more products in hopes of turning a profit seems counter-intuitive, but maybe that's the only way to breakthrough and make a profit?


The bad news is there’s no way to fully predict which product line extensions will resonate with your audience before you add them to your store.
The good news is this is a shared problem, so entrepreneurs have found a number of ways to tackle it successfully. The most important thing to keep in mind is that no one knows what will work best before they launch.
Because your product is live, you already have a data point: You know your existing inventory isn’t selling through as quickly as you’d like. That’s a tangible fact you can use to make decisions about what’s next, and your best next step is to figure out how to get more of those tangible facts for as little upfront investment as possible.
That’s what Marc Weisinger recommended when we sat down to get his take on your question. Marc runs Shopify’s merchant revenue acceleration team, where he helps ecommerce companies test and optimize their ad strategies to grow their businesses—and that testing approach is important whether you’re talking advertising or your product line.
“Your customers ultimately decide what the best product is and what they're interested in,” says Marc. “We might sit in a room and come up with the ‘perfect ad’. But regardless of what we think, there could be an option that performs even better, and we won’t know until we test it.”
So when you’re considering a product line extension to grow your business, it’s important to keep that in mind, and approach the problem with the same testing mentality.
“What you want to do is lower the bar to test something without a huge investment. If you can try something with a very low cost, that’s better than making a big bet with no information. Marketing's all about testing, experimenting, and doing better, right? You can think about products and inventory in a similar way. Get a few products, and see if you can sell them, and go from there.”
So how can you gather more information before you make a big decision about your product line? There are three main ways.
  1. Leverage no-inventory-required options
  2. Gather audience feedback
  3. Test new products in small quantities

Leverage no-inventory-required options

Product line extensions: test things out with no-inventory-required options
There are ways to test out new products that don’t involve placing big bets or extensive inventory management these days.
“These days you can test stuff at a very low cost, at a very low barrier to entry,” says Marc. “So when you’re trying to figure out your inventory and product line, pick something, give it a go and test it to see if it works. If it does, double down in terms of your time investment, in terms of hiring someone, and marketing dollars. If not, test something else.”
If you’re testing out new designs, you could set them up using a print-on-demand service like Printful or Printify. It’s a quick way to get those products out into the world, and when you see which ones perform well, you can switch to printing them yourself or holding inventory without the risk of pre-ordering all of your original designs.
The same goes for dropshipping with an app like Oberlo, if you’re looking to test out the appeal of entirely new products or product categories.
You can also look into offering pre-orders for a new product you’re considering as a maker. The upfront investment is just a single item to take your product photos, and you can set up your product page and market it from there. This is a great way to gage interest in your ideas before investing the time and money in crafting your inventory.

Gather audience feedback

Product line extensions: get feedback from your existing audience first
While there’s no better way to know someone will buy your products than launching and making a sale, there are other ways to gather valuable feedback from your audience.
Specifically, you can ask them for it by running focus groups, surveys, or connecting one-on-one.
“I've seen firsthand how much business owners learn when they run focus groups for different target markets, countries, or audiences. The wealth of knowledge that you get about your audience is really valuable.”
Depending on your brand, you might be able to recruit a focus group, or get your audience to take a survey, in one of a few ways.
“If you’re looking for feedback, give everyone a $20 gift certificate to Starbucks, and ask them questions. Or if you have an audience of people who are really excited about your brand, they might be willing to participate just because you want to talk to them.”
However you set it up, and whichever feedback method you go with, getting your audience’s input and opinions ahead of time can be invaluable when it comes to making your next inventory move. And while you’re thinking about how to gather your audience’s input, you want to make sure you’re planning to hear from multiple sources.
“You’re usually better off gathering more viewpoints or perspectives on anything, rather than fewer. You want to speak to a range of people to get feedback, because not everyone thinks the same way that you do.”

Test new product line extensions in small quantities

Product line extensions: test new products in small quantities
Sometimes there’s just no way around it: You need to invest in new product line extensions, and hold them as inventory, in order to get the information you need. But that doesn’t mean your hands are tied and that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on an untested product.
If you do have money to invest in new inventory, it’s best spent on getting a range of new products in, and doubling down on the ones that prove successful—as opposed to taking a big swing on a single product that might not work out.
“If you’re ordering small quantities, you might be paying more per unit, but that’s preferable to writing a check for $20,000 to bring in X amount of the same product if you don't know how well they're going to sell.”
It’s especially important because there are very few situations where you have a perfect data set to make decisions about your next move, so you want to make sure you’re creating conditions to get additional information.
“Having a variety of inventory is important because as entrepreneurs, we almost always have a limited scope and view of the market. Unless there's really good research, or it's not our first time around, we need to provide more options to start with, let the customers decide, and then really capitalize on that information.”
How you do that depends on the results you’re seeing, but Marc was quick to point out that if you see a product is moving quickly, it’s important to double down and give the successful product more prominent placement or more ad spend.

Look before you leap

These days, there are ways you can gather information to make a solid next move for your business without paying for expensive market research. A small investment in learning about your audience and testing new products can help you avoid over-investing in a product that ultimately won’t sell.
When you’re looking at your next steps towards profitability, an experimental mindset will help you approach the problem with as little risk as possible. And while there’s always some risk involved in running a business, managing and mitigating it as much as possible is always a smart approach.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Awful Things Husbands Should Stop Doing To Their Wives (Must Read)

Whether we want to accept it or not, many women are victims of wicked men in bad marriages. These women are enduring bad behaviour, philandering, emotional abuse and even physical violence in the hands of men who should love and treat them like queens.
It is sad and heartbreaking that when a woman cries out for help when she can no longer take the treatment she is being subjected to at home by the man she calls her husband, people tell her to zip it. People indirectly blame her for the maltreatment she’s getting from her husband. They send her back heartbroken to her bad marriage.
Men tell her to stop complaining and pray for her husband to change. Women tell her to deal with it because they are going through horrible things at home too. Pastors tell them to go back home and submit more while church mummies tell them to be humble and virtuous so that their husbands can treat them better.
I don’t know why a woman who is going through hell in her marriage will be advised to keep praying for her abuser to change. The ironic thing is that this rule is only applicable to women. I haven’t heard of a man who was told to keep praying for his cheating wife to change. The double standards set for men and women in marriages are just nauseating.
After listening to many women talk about their marriages with so much sadness, I can say that many of them are married to awful husbands. The annoying thing is that these men don’t see anything wrong in treating their wives like animals. They claim that’s how their fathers treated their mothers and they were married for decades. They refuse to be taught how to treat their wives better.
If all you do is criticize your wife, you are a bad husband. She can’t be that bad. If she were that terrible, you wouldn’t have married her. Mr. Man, watch yourself and don’t get caught in the trap of criticizing your wife. Choose to see the good in your wife. Compliment her on all the things she is doing right.
You are not always right. And your beautiful wife is actually very good at making her own decisions and she can make very good decisions too. So stop feeling like you need to control where she’s going, what she’s doing, how much she’s spending and more. Instead of stressing about that, work together as a team, encouraging and supporting each other. Let your wife be her own person, and give her wings to fly.
Dear husband, your wife isn’t an object. She is your wife, your best friend and your queen. She deserves your utmost respect, especially when it comes to s exual intimacy. Always respect her and her body and work on establishing emotional connection and trust before thinking about sharing se xual intimacy with your wife. S ex can be the most unifying, fulfilling and beautiful thing in marriage when you both treat each other respectfully.
Don’t be too busy to call your wife, to text her or recognize her when she walks in the room. The next time you see her, give her a big hug and tell her you love her. Let her know she is your top priority by putting her first – ahead of work, time with your buddies, or watching football matches. Sit on the couch and talk to her. Tell her about your day, your thoughts, your worries, and your funny experiences.
That a woman is your wife doesn’t give you the right to use dirty words on her. Watch your mouth. Cut the swearing habit, and remove crude, rude and dirty language from your vocabulary. If you can’t use those words on strangers, don’t use them on your wife. Your wife deserves to hear words that a gentleman would speak, not that of a street boy.
Comparing your wife to your friend’s wife or the women you meet in the course of doing your job or business is one sure way to ruin your marriage, your life and your future. Simply put, don’t start imagining being the husband of these other women, you won’t see anything good in your wife when you do that. You can only see the things they present to you, you don’t know the real them.
Stop telling your wife that she should dress like your friend’s wife or make her hair the way your female colleague makes hers. That’s insulting and demeaning. The last thing your wife needs to hear is that she doesn’t measure up to your unrealistic expectations. Don’t compare your wife’s body, budgeting skills, or parenting skills to that of other women. Your comparisons will crush her self-esteem over time.
I laugh when some men claim that it is not our culture for them to cook, clean and take care of their children. I don’t know how keeping your home clean is beneath you. You are not doing your wife a favour by cooking for her and the kids and cleaning up after them. It’s your duty to take care of your family, don’t leave it for your wife alone. You will wear her out.
You may bring in half the income or all of it, but that doesn’t mean you can chill on the couch while your wife cleans, tidies and washes dishes day-in and day-out. Kick it up a notch and offer to help out. Clean the toilet, yes, the one you use every day, carry in the groceries and wash your wife’s clothes as well as that of your children. They are your children, not your wife’s alone. You and your wife are a team and ought to work side by side creating the home of your dreams.
If you lose your temper all the time, you are behaving like a child throwing tantrums. You are a grown man, and yelling at your wife is not appropriate, effective or helpful. Rage, lashing out, throwing things and threatening are all forms of abuse. Beating her is a crime. Learn to control your temper. You don’t go about beating your fellow men so why do you think it’s right to beat your wife?
If you think you can sneak off with that babe from work and your wife will never know, then you are kidding yourself and in for a very rude awakening. And honestly, even if your wife never found out, it’s still wrong. Don’t throw away everything that is truly meaningful for a fleeting moment of pleasure. Choose to be honest. Choose to be loyal. Live up to those promises you made to your bride. She deserves all that, and more.
One man said on Facebook last week that it is the norm for men to cheat but it should be done discreetly because they are men but women can’t try that because when the man paid her bride price, he paid for her vagina to be his forever. I truly do not understand this crap. If you want a faithful wife, you have to be a faithful husband. Stop expecting fidelity from the woman you cheat on.
If you are a bad husband, you should change. It doesn’t make you a woman wrapper to be a good husband. Decide to be better man and make changes so that you can enjoy your wife for life.
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